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I'm a Princeton graduate and former English and Social Studies teacher passionate about helping students succeed in school, in a way that is both meaningful and exciting for them.

I am a teacher at heart, having mentored and tutored students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school, PhD candidates to senior citizens. I have tutored literature workshops, trained backpacking trip leaders, led Jewish education initiatives in Berlin, and taught video game design, scriptwriting and medical ethics in public school.

A Princeton graduate in Comparative Literature, with a certificate in German Language and Culture, I took high-level coursework ranging from math-major track classes and advanced physics, to literature, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and language, and I can't wait to learn with your student.

My Tutoring Philosophy

My Tutoring Philosophy

Growth Oriented

I believe your child can thrive academically, and I will help your child believe so as well.


Tutoring that takes ideas seriously.

Mind Expanding

Open your child to new intellectual possibilities.


Care comes first: I will push your child from a place of love.

My Experience


Mascha M.

Akiva is a passionate teacher whose enthusiasm for a subject transmits to his students. He knows that learning comes with joy.

Nickolai T.

Akiva Jackson has an amazing passion for teaching, which is practically infectious; his eloquence, thoroughness and clarity of thought make the subject matter of his classes extremely accessible and interesting to all of his students, regardless of their background knowledge on the subject. His teaching style displays compassion, kindness and patience, which marks him out as the class’s favourite instructor. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.

Elisabeth L.

Akiva shows interest in having all of his participants understand, and adapts his knowledge to ensure they learn well.

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