Curriculum Vitae


Researcher with experience developing data analytics tools for organizations from neuroscience and psychology labs to nonprofits and schools. Experiential and former classroom educator for students between six and sixty, campers to PhD candidates. Leadership trainer committed to developing strong teams with an ethic of care and collaboration.

Professional Experience

Software Engineer, Zagaran Software, Boston, MA   January 2023-Present • Contributing to a state public housing project • Developed software for chemistry lab automation • Worked on a nonprofit website, adding features for national collaboration. • Built a corporate website

Coding Bootcamp & Software Freelance, Boston, MA   June 2022-December 2022
• Data Analysis with Python (freeCodeCamp): studied libraries including Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn
• Analyzing political polling, police violence and US public transport data using Python and Vega Altair
• Website design: designed dynamic personal tutoring website and provide support for a therapist’s site
• Statistics: Self-studying Econometrics: Methods and Applications (Erasmus University Rotterdam/Coursera), Mastering ‘Metrics from MIT’s Josh Angrist

Teacher & Community Organizer, Hillel Deutschland, Berlin, Germany   October 2021-July 2022
Recipient of Princeton University Tiger Futures Service Fellowship
• Planned and ran over 120 events to foster European Jewish community, including teaching weekly bilingual Jewish education courses to undergraduate and graduate students in Berlin, Barcelona, & Amsterdam
• Organized database for Ukraine relief effort, housed refugees and created integration programs
• Developed spreadsheet tools for tracking funder outreach and participant demographics

Database Manager & Leadership Trainer, Ramah Camps, Denver, CO   June 2021-June 2022
• Developed SQL-powered logistics database to organize 70 trips for >400 campers, personally led four outdoor leadership backpacking trips in the Colorado Rockies
• Taught leadership-development course to global network of staff based on independent research project

Literature Researcher, Boston, MA   January 2021-October 2021
• Analyzed 188 books for project on organizational decision-making, developed leadership course

Teacher Resident, Dearborn STEM Academy, Roxbury, MA   July 2020-January 2021
• Teacher for high-school video game design and social studies courses, while attending a full graduate-level pedagogy course-load in the evening at UMass Boston
• Programmed Google Apps Script tools and database for tracking student participation and work
• Conducted literature reviews on anti-racist teaching, from sociology of poverty to effective pedagogy tools

Co-Chair of Leader Trainer Committee, Princeton Outdoor Action, Princeton, NJ   March 2017-June 2020
• Led and refined the largest single outdoor-orientation program in US. Responsible for leadership program, training ~90 new leaders yearly in soft skills & technical knowledge

Teaching Fellow, Generation Teach STEAM Academy, Boston, MA   June-August 2019
• Lead teacher (3 lessons per day) in English and Circus Arts for 41 students in extended-school-year program

Researcher, Central Coordinating Office for Refugee Integration, Darmstadt, Germany   July-August 2018
• Collaborated with universities across Europe to write the first official report for the European Union Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education (EUCRITE)

Research Assistant, Steven Pinker Lab, Harvard University / Morality Lab, Boston College   Summer 2015, 2016
• Devised psycholinguistic analyses for victim blaming studies and conducted literature reviews on empathy


Princeton University, Princeton NJ   June 2020
Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature; Certificate in German Language and Culture
GPA: 3.74 | Honors: Department of German Book Prize for Excellence in German Studies
Senior Thesis: Contradiction & Dichotomy: David Bergelson and Itzik Manger Confront the Bible


Languages: English (native), German, Hebrew, Yiddish (proficient), Spanish (conversational)
Technical skills: Python, SQL, R, Google Apps Script, Java, JS | Advanced Excel/VBA and Google Sheets | Salesforce | Wilderness First Responder Certification/CPR
Coursework: Math-major track coursework (Number Theory, Linear Algebra), advanced physics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, politics and language